barnse asked:

wh at if minho had been the one who wasnt immune

queerminho answered:

  • thomas and newt wanting to collapse when they hear news, and they look over at minho, who’s smiling sarcastically saying “well ain’t that shucking fantastic”
  • minho making jokes about to cover how scared he is
  • minho getting frustrated because he can’t go with them into the city
  • minho not leaving the note or going to the crank palace because he’s stubborn and wants to help whatever way he can, because he deals with it differently, because he’s trying to deny the fact that this is the reality
  • minho snapping more and more. when thomas tells him to calm down, minho shouts “just because you’re the shucking chosen one or whatever doesn’t mean you get to order me around with all your klunk!” and when newt tells him not to give up, minho counters “not give up? wow, you’re one to talk. how’d you get that limp again?!”
  • newt punching him and telling him to get his shit together. minho punching him back, knocking a gun out of his hand grabbing it for himself. minho aiming the gun back and forth between thomas and newt
  • then minho realizing what he just said. minho realizing what he’s doing. minho realizing that he’s not himself anymore.
  • newt just standing there, tears streaming. thomas shaking, muttering, “minho…don’t…don’t do this.”
  • tears forming in minho’s eyes, his hands trembling. “i won’t.” 
  • minho pulling back the gun and aiming it at himself
  • minho pulling the trigger



rat man becoming a bat: bat man

rat man going to parties: frat man

rat man being spoiled: brat man

rat man eating a lot: fat man

rat man talking to people: chat man

rat man pooping and peeing at the same time: shat man

Rat man becoming a cat: cat man
Rat man wearing a hat: hat man
Rat man being Russian: zat man

rat man getting crushed by the ceiling: flat man